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Di Vinyl Benzene

Divinylbenzene (DVB) consists of a benzene ring bonded to two vinyl groups. It is related to styrene (vinylbenzene) by the addition of a second vinyl group.


D.V.B is highly  sensitive and highly flamable item.


Packing 180 kgs Drum Packing.
Di Vinyl Benze 62 -65%
Ethylvinylbenze 34 -37%
Total Polymerizables (DVB & EVB) 96.0% min
Low Boilers 0.5% Max.
Diethylbenze 0.5% max
High Boilers(other than Napthelene ) <0.5% Max
Naphthalene 1000 ppm max
Color,Varnish Scale 3 max
Polymer 20 PPM max
Inhibitor(p-tert butyl catechol) 1000 -1200 PPm
Specific Gravity 60 Degee F 0.915
Flash Point Tag open Cup 170 Degree F
Weight (60 Degee F) 7.6 lbs/gallon