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Water Treatment Chemicals

Water is the Basic Necessity and We take the Responsibility to treat th water in a such a way so that we can reuse water.

It uses are as Follows

  • Solid liquid seperation,
  • Primary effluent treatment & dewatering in mining,
  • metal processing.
  • sugar and jaggery processing.
  • Dewatering of organic sludge from sewage, human waste, industrial waste water. etc.

There are various grades ranging from different use.

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Type Industrial Chemical
CAS No. 10043-01-3
MF Al2(SO4)3
EINECS No. 233-135-0
Condition Good
Net weight 25 kg, 100 kg, 50 kg
Active acid % 50%
Active content (HEDP)% 60% 90%
High quality Competitive price
PH 10.5
Other Names Aluminum chlorohydrate